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Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the team behind Mriya Report has been broadcasting live, 24/7, on Twitter Spaces — the modern answer to live global radio. Founded by Yehuda @yamzallagh in early 2022, we became a team of friends of Ukraine, volunteers from around the world, providing round-the-clock news and commentary on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We work to keep Ukraine front of mind. Collectively, we support MriyaAid, a charity organisation formed in the wake of the full-scale invasion by a number of Canadians and Ukrainians from all walks of life.

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Our Topics

Beyond discussing the military and humanitarian aspects of the war its accompanying genocide, we also cover topics across economics, logistics, history and culture. The expertise of the volunteers is complemented by a number of regular commentators. among them Lt Col John Spencer – Chair of Urban Warfare at West Point, Chuck Pfarrer – former squadron leader of Seal Team Six, Peter B. Doran – long-time security policy researcher, and many more.

We also regularly feature interviews with guests from Ukraine and experts from around the world, from retired Western generals like Lt Gen Ben Hodges (former commander of US Army in Europe) and Lt Gen Mark Hertling (former SACEUR), Maj Gen Mick Ryan AM (Commander of the Australian Defence College) and Maj Gen Pekka Toveri (former Chief of Finnish Military Intelligence), to a series of journalists, security policy researchers, globally renowned energy policy experts and many more.

Ukrainian Voices

We promote Ukrainian voices and have featured many Ukrainians whose lives have been changed forever by this renewed Russian aggression. Here a few examples:

Taras Ratushnyi – journalist and human rights advocate. Private in the Ukrainian Army, father of the late Roman Ratushnyi, whom we have spoken with on five occasions before he was killed in combat. He spoke with us candidly about his son, his memory. “They are killing the best of us.”

Dariia Tsykunova – partner of an Azovstal defender imprisoned by Russians. Fighting to keep the world’s attention on the captive soldiers, many of whom have already been murdered while in captivity. At just 22 years of age, she is a paragon of dedication and stoicism.

Alexander Kamyshin – CEO of Ukrainian Railways. Commanding Ukraine’s “Iron Army” at the age of 38. Keeping railways running on schedule despite daily artillery and missile strikes. Getting civilians out of harm’s way, exports out of the country and aid in.

Inna Sovsun – member of parliament from Kharkiv. Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics and previously youngest deputy minister in the history of Ukraine. Working to get her country the aid it needs to survive.

Major Roman Kovalov – native of Crimea, veteran officer who re-joined the army after the 2014 annexation of Crimea. Now fighting to liberate Kherson and his home of Crimea.

Zhenya Mykhailenko – famous Kyiv chef and restaurateur. Volunteering, cooking for special forces units on the front lines. Feeding those fighting hardest.

Roman Kachanov – Fire Chief of 11th Fire Station in Kharkiv. Risking his life to save civilians from the consequences of Russian shelling and missile strikes against Ukraine’s second largest city every day. ‘While we are extinguishing fires they are shelling again, but we are lucky that Russians don’t have very good accuracy. 50 yards away. We understand we cannot leave, there are still a lot of people we need to help.’

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Our Values and Code of Ethics

The Mriya Report is dedicated to upholding the best practices in ethical decision-making, internal controls, accounting, reporting, and institutional governance.

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